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For many small businesses, choosing the right computer and software or getting the most from an Internet service can be time consuming and confusing. Mibs provides consultation and training by personally assisting and advising clients on solutions to their internet and computer needs. From set up of software and ISP connections, we ensure that your needs are fully catered for and that the advice and recommendations provided by us best suits your needs.

Computer Systems

We can supply computer equipment including complete systems, printers, modems, uninterruptable power supplies and other devices to suit your needs. We will set up your system for you and provide advice and assistance to determine what type of computer is needed to aid your business, the software needed and how to gain the maximum benefit from it.

Internet Services

Advice and assistance including

  • How to connect to the internet,
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider that best suits your needs,
  • Set up internet programs or upgrade to latest versions,
  • Domain registration,
  • Hosting services,
  • Spam blocking options, DirectAds blocking,
  • Firewalls


If you need help with installation and setup of software or help finding the software to suit your needs, you need to look no further. Did you know that there are alternative programs to Microsoft Office at a fraction of the price? In fact there are free programs which do everything you need and probably lots of stuff you never even knew about.


Need help using your computer? Just make a list of the things you want to learn and make an appointment for one-on-one training on your own computer. Cover all the things you need to learn - not just what is included in a class program. If you are short of time this is the ideal solution, no sitting in a classroom for 8 weeks waiting for your topic to get covered. On-site training can be scheduled at a time to suit you, day or evening and even weekends.

Web Sites

Budget web sites can be designed and published to suit your own particular needs. More information is provided on the Websites page, or you can use the feedback form below.


Deciding how to market your website can be quite a problem. Do you need listing in search engines? If so, which ones? If you have budgeted your online presence properly, two thirds of your budget should be allocated to the website and one-third to promotion. But how best to spend that money? Do you need landing pages, email campaigns or banner ads. Sometimes you should do these things yourself to track your results, other times outsourcing is the best option.

Virus protection

When was the last time you checked that your antivirus program was up to date? Don't know how to do it? Did you know that I earn a lot of money every month cleaning viruses off computers that their owners thought were properly protected. Having antivirus programs is like having insurance - you can do without it but expect to pay a lot more when you get attacked. Don't wait for the virus to strike, get your computer system checked now.

Feedback form

Call Jill Carson for an appointment at your own premises or ours (within Perth metropolitan area) on telephone 9248 2503 or complete this form.

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