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Web Design Software

website design softwareWant to create your own website, have complete control over everything? You need a site which is optimized for the search engines and XSitePro will guide you through all the steps necessary to get your site ranking well.

Perfect for non-technical users, newbies and small-to-medium business owners this highly acclaimed software has been used by thousands to create attractive and functional websites.

It includes a comprehensive guide and tutorials, video guides and access to one of the best internet marketing forums online.

No need to use a complicated online structure - your entire site is built on your own computer before you upload it to your hosting company. So you can test it all thoroughly before anyone sees your pages. But there is no need to learn complicated html or php - just follow the steps to get your pages ready for uploading. On the other hand, for the more technically minded you can add any code you might need to add extra functionality.

Priced at just $197 you can't go wrong. Order XSite Pro 2.5 here.

Spam Blocking Software

ChoiceMailWhile there are a number of programs around, the one we recommend most is Choicemail. For more information about this program (and others), go to the Block Spam page. If you require a spam blocking system for your network, please contact me to discuss the alternatives.

For users of Outlook or Outlook Express (Windows versions) an alternative is Spam Bully. Mac users can either use Spamnix (for Eudora) or Spamfire for OE. For a discussion on these programs please go to the Block Spam page.

Don't forget, if you need some help in setting up these programs and configuring your system, just send an email and we'll get back to you.

Protecting Mailto links

There are a number of ways to protect the mailto links on your website from email harvesters or spam bots. One way is use a form. But that form needs to hide the email address too (unlike those old Matt Wright scripts of formmail). In addition we need to be able to prevent the spammers which use our own forms to reach us. Have a look at My Contact Station. It is the ideal solution for mailto links. And at only US$7 you can't go wrong.

Click on the image at the right to go to a page where you can view a video clip to see exactly how this neat little script works.

What's more this script uses Captcha to ensure you are only getting humans using your form, not some devious computer program filling in the information so that they can send you loads of emails about things you don't need or want.

Shopping Cart Software

Setting up an internet shop does not need to be a hugely expensive and time-consuming exercise. There are a number of approaches depending on your product. We have found ShopFactory suits the needs of most small businesses.

Option 1 - Do It Yourself

ShopFactory Light:
Just right to create small shops with one category and up to 50 products. Includes point-and-click ease, many different professionally designed templates and all the functions you need to get started in the world of e-commerce.

ShopFactory Light

Option 2 - Do It Yourself

ShopFactory Pro:
Create amazing online shops with this multi-award-winning point-and-click shop editor - with all the features for success. Comes with more than 50 professionally designed and adjustable templates, many discount functions and everything else you need to become a winner in the e-commerce world.

ShopFactory Professional


Option 3 -We'll Do It - You Don't Buy Any SOFTWARE


Design and implementation of a website with e-commerce facilities - a once only payment dependent on number of products and any special requirements. This is especially suitable if you just want Buy Me Now Buttons or if your prices and products rarely change. Any amendments to the site can be made via a contract arrangement or on an hourly rate.


Prices start
from $495

Option 4 -We'll Do It - Then You Take Over


Design and implementation of a website, then you take control of changes and updates (We start it off, you then buy the software and maintain the site)

This is suitable for e-commerce sites where the products or prices change regularly or where you have a great many products and you want to start with a relatively few products and build the range over time.


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