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We are pleased to present here some samples of our web site design.

Benchmark Engineering

This site had been designed in house and required re-designing to modernize it and provide further information. It is a fairly basic standard site but features a slider on the home page and a lightbox on the product page.

Aussie Electric Ride On Cars

A shopping cart site designed for self-management.

Dickens Gas Services

A typical standard website for a local business. It has a features slider on the home page.


A small brochure style site with rotating images.


A quick redesign of a small site - converted from 1998 design.

The Twisted Vine

This is a small brochure-style website with the addition of a shopping cart. The shopping cart uses a standard template from ShopFactory which means the layout and style is a little different from the main pages. This was a deliberate decision based on the small number of products.

Polly Clinic

This is a fairly straight-forward site designed for self-management. The images in the header banner rotate randomly on page load. As often happens when clients ask to be able to update their own sites, I doubt that this client will ever manage to do so despite being provided with an 11-page manual and a practice page.

Australian Adventure Travel

This site was originally designed many years ago and had become unwieldy and confusing to navigate. The site was updated in-house 2 or 3 times a year. It contained many coding errors, or functions and codes which are no longer used. The site was completely re-designed removing the old tables-based layout but preserving the page names and other elements which had pushed the site to the top of the search engines. Once the major updates were added, the site was returned to the owners for in-house management.

Elegance Plus

This shopping cart site replaced an earlier non-interactive site which contained large graphics of the seasonal catalogue. It was apparent that customers had already been visiting the site, because as soon as it was converted to a shopping cart, the sales started to roll in.

Streetside Advertising

This is a typical standard site of fewer than 10 pages. It includes a self-management facility for the client to amend the text content. The provided logo caused some design limitations.

Life Change Sanctuary of Health and Beauty

This was a redesign of a site which had a difficult navigation arrangement and a variety of different background images, colour schemes and styles. Because of the need for a shopping cart, the information pages were included inside the shopping cart structure. In addition, the feedback form for the shopping cart was not sufficient for the other sections of the site, so a separate feedback form for booking appointments was set up.

Kids Party Bags

A standard site using an order form to sell the products. This site was constructed using CSS layout. The large open font was chosen to complement the child theme.

WA Billboards

A site designed for membership access by the company's clients. The images, descriptions and pricelists are not available to the general public. Also included with this site is a simple CMS (Content Management System) to allow for updates to be done through a password access. This then allows the owner to update the "booked" or "available" months for any particular billboard, as well as update the newsletter or other pages.


A typical budget site, a couple of information pages and a feedback form.

World Literacy International

This site has been totally redesigned. The old table structure with a heavy background colour has been replaced by a fluid CSS layout and some of the larger pages split into easier to read chunks. Minor modifications are carried out periodically.

Reading for Sure Virtual Classroom

This is an extension of the World Literacy site. The courses currently being conducted face-to-face are gradually being incorporated into an online classroom which will enable correspondence students to interact directly. This is a long-term project which is expected to take some time to complete. Most areas are not accessible by the general public, but if you are interested in this site please contact us directly.

Cool Shades Australia

A portfolio site to display the design and construction of shade structures performed by this company with a view to reducing the amount of time needed by the salestaff in explaining the alternatives. A thumnails page leads to larger images of samples of work done. The feedback form invites people to supply details for a quote.

Hair & Co

An on-line shop was required to sell quality imported wigs. Some of the photos were not of a high quality to start with, nevertheless it was decided to use a reasonably large graphic for each wig to give the viewer a slightly better idea of what they were purchasing. In some cases this meant enlarging a small catalogue image. This shop is achieving sales throughout Australia despite the slow load times.


When a site is required in a hurry - 2 days will do it. Not flash but the client was pleased to have a site ready before a newspaper announcement appeared.


If you have any questions about the design of your website, please use the Get Quote link below.

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